Freezer-ready meals

So because we are all busy people, I have decided that the best way to eat healthy, would be to cook at the weekend and freeze our meals. Because my husband is vegetarian, I mostly cook vegetarian at home, and eat meat when I eat out.

I actually think that making freezer-ready meals would be easier if we both ate meat. I feel that the hardest part of making freezer-ready meals is coming up with the menu.  We usually create our menu first, then do our shopping. Here’s my menu for the coming week. We usually eat out on Fridays and on Monday at lunch we have whatever is leftover from Sunday’s dinner.  This is a vegetarian menu but I’m sure you can add some meat to some of these dishes if you’d like.

Monday – Sweet potato curry

Tuesday – Vegetarian Lasagne

Wednesday – Spinach and Feta Rolls

Thursday – Vegetarian Patty Burgers

Friday – Fried Rice

This is what my freezer looks like.  If you decide to do this, then remember to get containers to put your food in.

Freeze-ready meals
Freeze-ready meals

If you need non-vegetarian ideas, then here is an awesome menu.  She is a lot more detailed than I am!

And there you have it.  If you have any ideas about what you cook in advance, then please share!


2 thoughts on “Freezer-ready meals”

  1. I like everything on your menu. Do you cook all meals in one afternoon (after shopping)? I would love to have more variety & make sure I’m eating healthy meals, if I could ever get organized!

    1. Hey lauzlau,
      I generally split my cooking between saturdays and sundays. I find it too tiring to do it all one go. So generally, I do two and two. Last week for example, I made lasagne to freeze and I made some extra sauce and put it into the fridge. Boiled pasta in the week and added the sauce and some grated cheese in. 🙂

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